What is QC MyFilm?

QC MyFilm is a boutique post-production company specializing in advanced QC reporting and complex fixes, making it possible for filmmakers and studios of all sizes to quickly meet the specifications of today’s streaming and broadcast carriers around the world.

Who is it for?

Beginner or advanced, big budget or no budget, we have tools and solutions to help your project quickly pass the most rigorous broadcast, cable or streaming distribution standards.

What are my options?

Do Nothing

Risk getting embarrassing network rejection letters.

Over Pay

Get sucked into post houses that just want to find ways to up charge you.

Access the same cutting edge technology used by major studios on an indie budget.



Listen to what independent filmmakers and producers like you are saying!

I found QCMyFilm.com online and gave them a try for our Travel TV Series called “Next Stop". While I thought I had caught all errors, they found 3 errors in our 50 episodes that would have prevented us from passing a QC in many parts of the world. After they pointed out what was causing the errors, I quickly fixed them and now we’re airing in over 20 countries around the world with no QC issues! Thanks QC MyFilm!
Josh Martin
Senior Editor / Next Stop Television